VulnCMS: 1 Walkthrough Vulnhub

our machine ip is
in this i saw 22 ,80 ,8081 ,9001 , 5000 are open
port 80 with a simple web page
port 8081 with a joomla cms
port 9001 is with drupal cms
port 5000 is with wordpress
i saw drupal 7 version of CMS which is venerable
i found this
and we got a meterpreter shell
we get the shell of www-data :)
i found 3 user which is tyrell , ghost , and root
i found username and passwd for ssh login :)
got a proper user shell :)
the user has permission /bin/journalctl with NOPASSWD :)



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Rohit Patil

Rohit Patil

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